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Intercom Systems

We are engaged in presenting a wide variety of Intercom System. These are furnished in one of a kind specification to fulfill the various requirement of client. Elixir make 19 rack mountable intercom machine offers Eight Channel Partyline System to operate inside the simplex mode. The celebration channels are selectable by means of robotically inter locked latching type switches. The not unusual page channel is always available in get hold of mode no matter the voice channel selected. AGC circuitry supplied for even output.

Our audio video intercom systems are widely used in offices, individual residences as well as societies for security purposes and rank topmost in design.

Audio-Video Intercom

Since technology has grown into the next level of advancement, the same as security issues nowadays are turning out to be a major impact on people. To overcome this impact, there comes the technology named Intercom System, which safeguards the whole house within and out. We, as leading IT Solutions Company in Dubai, serve you the most advanced and deliberate model of Intercom Systems with effect to cost and model that you as customer required.

Home Intercom System

Home intercom structures have been a staple in home protection and communication, from complete intercom structures to increasingly famous home intercoms. Home Controls offers intercom systems and merchandise for any sized home or installation, including popular brands which includes IST, Ring, ABB, and more. Whether you need to broadcast messages or audio at some stage in your home, or you want to reply a name from your video doorbell, Home Controls includes the top stressed and wi-fi smart domestic intercom merchandise you want to turn that idea into reality.

We know that not all houses are similar, it differs in its own way. That's where your requirements to meet us. As a company, we are fully licensed and have trained technicians who can provide you innovative and tailored Intercom system maintenance in UAE. We provide you with whole-home Intercom systems that blend in with your comfort.

Wired And Wireless Intercoms

Wired Intercom system holds the name of a traditional intercom system, which is installed with the system connected with wires within where the systems are installed. It has a port with junction adopted within the place. FR IT Solution provides you the easiest way of installation and maintenance of this system since we stand delicate in terms of Best IT Solutions in Dubai, UAE.

Our Trained Certified and Licensed Technicians:

We offers you the most experienced technicians, as they explain to you the access of the system in a user-friendly manner and your doubts as customers can be clarified by them. This user-friendly kind of technicians is one of the reasons why customers choose us and we stand as one of the Leading IT Companies in Dubai, UAE.

Why Choose FR IT Solution to Install Intercom?

We provide you with a cost-efficient system and sophisticated model of intercoms that suits your home and the maintenance support we give to our customers, makes us Best Intercom System Installation in Dubai.

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